• Art in Advertising. Types of Visual Art Usage in Commercial Communication
Olga Heredero-Díaz, Miguel Ángel Chaves-Martín


Advertising saturation in a highly competitive globalized market, where functional differences among products barely exist, forces brands to innovate in the search of new communicative strategies that generate value and consumer engagement. In this respect, the inclusion of visual art references in commercial communications is proposed as a valid model, empirically founded in the phenomenon of "art infusion". The classification of the diversity of forms that this strategy can adopt is this article's objective, that based on Hjemslev's model applied to the study of the advertising language signifier through the expression/content dichotomy, defines eleven different typologies, including several examples.


Advertising; art; classification; typology; art infusion

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DOI: 10.5354/0719-1529.2016.45286