• The place of the self and the others: Reiterative spaces in the Bolivian cinema (The Altiplano and the city of La Paz)
Sebastián Morales


The Bolivian cinema has filmed two spaces in particular: the city of La Paz and the Altiplano, near to the city. The reason for this interest is not difficult to guess: they are the spaces where it has played much of the political history of Bolivia. Being a cinema with very political characteristics is clear that Bolivian filmmakers should install their cameras in such spaces. This paper will analyze the Bolivian cinema from the point of view of space. It will think about the contents, characteristics that Bolivian filmmakers have given both the city of La Paz and the Altiplano. Understand how the Bolivian cinema has showing the relationship between town and country. In the analysis of the two spaces, an obsessive search for identity and the question for the other becomes evident. A shot-by-shot analysis of the corpus has been carried out, supported by the notion of filmic space, as proposed by Eric Rohmer.


Bolivian cinema; Filmic space; identity; countryside; city

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DOI: 10.5354/0719-1529.2016.45295